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Solve your metal cutting needs with PE-TRA® innovative solutions for accurate and effective metal cutting, with lowest energy consumption.

While the world is moving towards a potential ecological disaster, due to the green-house effect, we at PE-TRA accepted the challenge to make our machines greener and more environmentally friendly. PE-TRA Stroji d.o.o, of Ljubljana, Slovenia, a Double column Band saw machine manufacturer, is continuously working towards a greener technology, and is actively integrating it with both the existing, and upcoming ranges of Band saw machines.

Green Hydraulic Power Pack

The single most important step which we took towards a greener machine, was to design a new hydraulic system which cuts the energy requirement to just one tenth of the energy used by conventional hydraulics. Our engineers designed the system in such a way, that the hydraulic system is only “ON” during ‘ Indexing cycle’. This comprises only 10 seconds, and may be just 10% (maximum) of the total cutting cycle, so the system remains “OFF” during the whole cutting cycle. Therefore no energy is consumed during some 90% of the cutting cycle.

The impact of an energy conservation approach is also reflected in the hydraulic oil temperature, as this new technology keeps oil always at the surrounding temperature even during a 24×7 work schedule. There is thus no loss of energy. It also helps to keep the oil quality intact, and in practical terms there is no need to change the oil for years. This new hydraulic power pack circuit also dramatically reduces the oil tank capacity, to just 8 litres, while conventional designs use 80 to 100 litre tanks. As a result, less oil is used and that, too, for longer periods – which is again good for Mother Nature. PE-TRA engineers have even taken care of minute losses too, (which used to occur in the tubings of conventional hydraulic systems), by rerouting the oil tube paths and selecting the proper hoses to reduce the oil drag to minimum.

Highly Efficient Power transmission

PE-TRA has also re-engineered the power transmission system, by using a high efficiency helical gear box, integrated with an AC variable frequency drive, making it the most energy-efficient cutting machine in the 300 mm capacity. In practical terms, it draws less power during high speed cutting than the conventional power transmission system of a metal cutting machine.

Innovative chip removal system

A major step toward a cleaner environment is the chip removal system, which has been designed to produce dry chips, thus keeping the synthetic coolant inside the machine. We now recommend that our customers use a synthetic coolant, which does not need frequent replenishment and hence is beneficial to the environment. In the whole cutting process, over the period of operation, water from the coolant may evaporate, meaning that water needs to be added, to maintain the concentration of synthetic coolant at the necessary level.

Environmental friendly manufacturing processes

We also adopted a green approach in the manufacturing and assembly process, by selecting specific cold drawn materials, which do not need major machining, here again saving precious energy.
PE-TRA Machines is also contributing indirectly to the creation of a greener environment, by powder coating all machine components and not using spray painting at all, thus keeping the surrounding environment clean.

Last but not least

A major contribution by PE-TRA towards its Green Mission is overall lowest Cost-per-Cut achieved by excellent Blade life. PE-TRA machine’s basic design also assures minimal operational cost.

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