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PETRA Double Column Band Saw Machines

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CastMaster 4×4

CastMaster is an ultimate result of PE-TRA’s Engineers innovation in Aluminum Runner & Riser cutting, which cuts with ease and most importantly ‘WITH DUE SAFETY’, as required by CE norms.

As the name suggests, this machine is designed to cut Aluminum casting Runner &Risers (R&R). Traditionally, R&R are being cut either manually on vertical band saw machines or with custom made special purpose machines. In many cases, productivity is compromised and safety is at stake while space utilized by the conventional R&R cutting solutions is huge. Also, manpower requirement for cutting is significant as machines are mostly semi automatic and operation is completely manual requiring one operator per machine. Considering large numbers of R&R cutting in a medium to large scale aluminum foundry special care had been taken to assure high productivity, high reliability, 24/7 operation with low energy consumption, long blade life, lowest coolant costs and no hydraulic oil overheating alongside with full CE conformance. Provisions for robotic load/unload functions have been made for fully automatic production.


 Application  Aluminum Runner & Riser cutting
 Motions  X and Y axis, two arms may be position at angle to X axis
 Positioning  Multiple and Programmable Through Servo drive
 No. of cutting arms  4
 Main Drive  4 x 3 kW
 Gear Box  4 x Helical
 Blade size  4 x 4150 x 34 x 1,1 mm
 Blade speed  Individually 60-150 m/min, indefinitely variable
 System controls  Siemens S7-1200 PLC in air-conditioned cabinet
 Touch screen  6″ Color Touch screen
 Size  L x W x H  2150 x 1700 x 2150 mm
 Net Weight  3150 kg
 Fixture for casting  Designed as per casting
 Cooling  4 x Mist Coolant, programmable individually, one reservoir

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