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1. Unique Double Column Design

  • The Patented solution for continues, precise and parallel movement of cutting frame using Ball-Rail system resulting in
    • Elimination of Stick-Slip and Clip-Clap effects occurring on round column designs
    • Constant tooth load even at smallest down-feed rates
    • Increased structural rigidity over any other frame movement design
    • Use of gravity only during cutting
    • Life time, maintenance free operation

2. A Green Machine

  • Conserves energy in hydraulic operation, as hydraulic doesn’t work during cutting
  • Hydraulic oil has very long useful life
  • Power pack runs cool, minimal energy losses due to heating

3. Cutting pressure and feed rate control

  • A life time, maintenance free Hydraulic Mechanical Valve (HMV) system constantly arbitrates between the set maximal down-force and feed rate which results in
    • Protection of blade against overload or operators error
    • Automatically increases or decreases down-feed with respect to geometry of piece being cut or changes in material
    • Protection of the blade from any undue cutting pressures thus
      • Significantly prolonged tool life
      • Optimal performance of blade
      • Improved overall cutting time and squareness of the cut until end of useful life of blade

4. Saw Bed: ‘The strong foundation of PETRA machines’

  • Provides support to the columns very near to the Centre of gravity which makes very stable without being heavy
  • Integrated enclosure for the chip conveyor at lowest point, hydraulic pack and electronic cabinet makes it most compact saw bed
  • Entire bed is welded from laser cut sheet metal and protected with powder painting

5. Large diameter wheels

  • Large enough wheels guaranty that properly welded blade will never break before it dulls out
  • Steel wheels are plasma cut to the size, precisely machined and balanced
  • Grooves on the perimeter give a perfect grip to the blade

6. Blade guide and tensioning system

  • Heavy duty, long lasting, carbide blade guides are set in factory, no gap setting or adjustment is required while changing the blade
  • Very simple, straightforward change of blade takes less then 5 minutes
  • Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning to factory preset pressure value which can also be adjusted by user

7. Hydraulic power pack

  • An efficient and energy conserving design, the hydraulics is totally turned off during cutting operation
  • Practically oil is always at the temperature of working environment hence no change in the viscosity, no need to cool
  • While only 10 liters of oil is used there is also no need to change oil for years which makes PETRA Band saws more environment friendly
  • Significant savings in electric energy and extremely low maintenance cost

8. Power transmission

  • A very efficient power transmission system thru helical gear box on most models
  • Axial force free design with heavy duty main bearing on driver wheel

9. Electronics and PLC display

  • User friendly HMI color/touch screen display with real time information
  • Siemens 7-1200 PLC
  • All electronics components are professional grade components available worldwide
  • Very clean layout in electronic cabinet allows for easy trouble shooting and maintenance

10. Small foot print

  • All PETRA Band saw machines have one of the smallest foot prints in respective categories of band saw machines in the industry
  • Compact design
  • Customer can make best utilization of his shop floor area

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