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Toolox Cutting Bandsaw Machine PE-TRA DC210A CutMaster


PETRA Band saw Machines, Ljubljana, Slovenia has successfully demonstrated  the sawing of Toolox 44 (A preheated Tool Steel) , having hardness ranging from 42 – 47 HRc, on its PETRA Bandsaw Machine model DC210A CutMaster High Performance series machine.

Toolox 44 is cut on PETRA Bandsaw Machine at a cutting rate of 33 sq cm / min with Bi-metal blade of size 3660 x 27 x 0,9 mm 2/3 TPI.  It is an outstanding performance by PETRA Band saw Machine of 210 mm diameter / square capacity.

Cutting performance of PETRA Band saw Machine is extraordinary and consistence in line with its reputation, if one considers Toolox hardness and its high impact toughness. It is the only material for plastic moulds, rubber moulds, machine components, wear components with such high hardness, toughness and ready to use.

How PETRA Band Saw Machines can achieve such excellent performance on Toolox 44?

  1. The first and foremost reason is the zero vibrations, due to its patented design and column structure. Practically no vibrations in idle running or while cutting this material with bi-metal or carbide blades. This inherent characteristic of no-vibration, (Due to its design), PETRA Bandsaw machine, has an edge over all the machines in the market. This characteristic of the machine, gives the tool, a liberty to operated at its designed as well as machine guided parameters, without putting any extra and erratic load over the tooth.
  2. Arm balancing system, which keeps the track of centre of gravity and in turn avoids an undue load over the tool. This system works automatically and in conjunction with arm movement.
  3. The inbuilt hydro-mechanical, maintenance free down-force/down-feed control mechanism constantly arbitrates between the two. This mechanism is an intelligent analog system, which sense the changes in tooth load in real time and activates instantly (which even fastest digital signals can not match) to increase, decrease or maintain feed. This system is very important, while cutting such a tough materials. It protects the blade against operator errors and significantly increases blade life.
  4. Its one piece, cross-support bed offers stability to the whole structure and plays a vital role in its vibration free performance.

Due to these important designed features, PETRA Bandsaw machine is an ideal machine for  such critical metal cutting applications.

In the past, PETRA band saws proved themselves by cutting other touch alloys, like AMPCO and High Temperature steels.

AMPCO bar of 125 mm diameter with Carbide blade is cut an average cutting rate of 24 sq cm / min. Tool life can be expected 1,4 sq meters.

To understand our products better, we hereby attaching our product catalogue and a technical write-up for your reference.


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